Chapati Making Machine

Specifications :

  • • Press Model (Pressing & Baking)
  • • Stainless steel body.
  • • 1 hp motor. 500/750 watts heater in the press plate.
  • • Chapatti size : upto 6".
  • • Capacity : 960/hr.
  • • Size of the Machine : 5ft x 4ft(approx)
  • • LPG Consumption : 1.50 - 1.75kgs/hr (approx)

Working :

Switch the machine on. Inner & outer plate will start rotating and the press plate will move up & down.Light up the LPG burners and set the temperature of the press plate. Place the peda on the inner plate manually. The press will flatten the peda into round shape. At this Stage 20% chapatti will get baked. Slide the chapatti on the outer plate. The chapatti will get baked and puffed and fall out automatically.

A low cost machine to produce chapaties at a cheaper rate Designed with innovative features Simple, robust & very Compact design Easy to operate and clean and 100% hygienic machine Specially for Hotels, Hostels, Dhabas, Mess, Restaurants, Hospital, canteen, etc....